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Sensitivity Promotes Survival. Discuss. Essay

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Organisms, both plants and animals, can increase their chance of survival by responding to changes in their environment. Internal and external stimuli are detected by receptors and can lead to a response. Sensitivity can cause taxes and kineses simple responses that can help to maintain a mobile and sensitive organism in a favourable environment. Being sensitive to environmental changes can help as organism identify elements that may endanger their survival, so in this way, sensitivity promotes survival by avoiding possibly dangerous features and situations by detecting and moving away from harmful stimuli.
Plants can carry out tropisms which are growth movements of part of a plant in response to a directional stimulus. Such stimuli include light, water, gravity and temperature. For example, plants undergo phototropism which is the movemtn towards light. This promotes survival as it allows the plant to gain the maximum amount of sunlight, and therefore put itself in the best possible position to do this and survive. Plants can also carry out tropisms positively or negatively, with positive being towards and negative away. Therefore, the example mentioned above would be positive phototropism and the plant is moving towards sunlight. Other examples of tropisms in plants include positive/negative geotropism and positive hydrotropism. Geotropism is the movement towards or away from gravity. If this is positive, the plants roots will be moving towards gravity into the ground. This helps survival as the plant can grow down for support, anchoring and minerals. This can prevent the plant from being dislodged from its environment and can help support the plant so its stem does not break. It can also help the plant can valuable minerals by growing down into the soil where they will be kept. If geotropism is negative, then the plant grows upwards toward light. Particularly when a plant is at shoot stage, this can help it to find a light source and grow towards it, providing...

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