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Self Worth Essay

  • Submitted by: patricedalton
  • on September 1, 2013
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Alex Dalton
Essay Assignment
Have you ever pondered the fact that radiation plays a role in nearly everything you do? Without radiation we would not be able to complete everyday tasks. However, radiation can also be rather destructive. The Incredible Hulk is one well known example of severe genetic manipulation due to overexposure to radiation. How is it that something we unknowingly come in contact with on a regular can be so helpful, yet so incredibly dangerous? The answer is moderation. Just like junk food, or anything else that can potentially put your health at risk, radiation is harmless as long as it is moderated. Throughout this essay I will be briefly exploring not only the pros, but also the cons, of radiation.
Although radiation is often viewed as harmful or seen in a negative way, it is often more helpful than it is harmful. Many daily activities and processes are made possible simply because of radiation. Without blackbody radiation, which refers to an idealized material that perfectly absorbs and emits electromagnetic radiation; we would not even have a visible light spectrum. On a larger scale, certain radioactive elements have been used in recent fights against cancer. This involves accurately targeting the cancer cells to destroy them, as well as avoiding radiation exposure to all other parts of the body. High doses of radiation can be given to the specific location by inserting little grains of radioactive material into the body through a relatively simple operation, often carried out under local anesthetic. Radiation is not only contributing to a more advanced medical field, but also helping revolutionize the science industry. Radiation actually provides a space satellite with electricity, as plutonium-238 emits radioactive alpha particles, it decays which creates excess heat; this heat is then used to generate electricity to power the satellite. Radiation also allows the common American household to function properly; when you...

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