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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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December 21, 2012
Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Self-fulfilling prophecy is the tendency for people’s expectations to influence their attitudes and behavior. Prejudice can serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy by influencing how the prejudiced person acts toward the target which in turn may influence the target to act in a way that confirms the other person’s prejudices.
The video we seen in class was a great experiment on self-fulfilling prophecy. When the teacher told her students that they were going to be the superior students for the day it totally changed the way they felt about themselves, for both the brown and blued eyed students.   The students who were the superior group for the day indicated a higher level of intelligence and had a boost in their confidence. They also received extra classroom privileges.
The students in the other non-superior group felt inferior because they started exhibiting negative self-worth and fear from what the teacher had said due to the experiment. It made them start feeling less of themselves because the other group had all the privileges. The students in the non-superior group were being prejudice towards because they were being looked down upon by the superior group. They were treated unfairly and different just because they had a different eye color.
The feeling that the children had toward each other when it was their turn to be the superior eye color can be related to current stereotypes involving race, gender, ethnicity, and religion because once someone thinks they are better than someone they just bring out the bad in the other person and talk bad upon them. This is where prejudice comes into play. They make them feel like they are worthless and it really hurts the other person.
When it comes to stereotypes it does not matter what it is about, you can hurt someone and not even realize it. You hear about all these young children killing themselves because they are getting bullied and made fun of and it all goes back...

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