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Self Concepts Essay

  • Submitted by: xpinkstarx
  • on September 3, 2013
  • Category: English
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One behavior I’d like to change in myself is my Procrastination. I tend to put things off that I should be focusing on right now, usually doing something that is more enjoyable or that I’m more comfortable doing. I habitually put tasks off to the last possible minute; it is a major problem in both my job and my personal life. Side effects from this are; missed opportunities, frenzied work hours, stress, overwhelmed, resentment, and guilt. My behavior pattern of procrastination is triggered in many different ways, so I’m not always procrastinating for the same reasons.   I’m always asking myself, why do I procrastinate when I know it causes me so much anxiety and stress? I know what I need to do, but I don’t do it, or I wait until the last absolute possible moment. Time and time again, the pattern repeats itself. I feel caught, trapped in the cycle. I believe this cycle is because I’m disorganized, lazy, and I sometimes in those moments I just don’t care enough, I give up. I constantly fear I’m wasting my life in my cycle of being a procrastinator.   Procrastination gives me a very short lived escape; only for the things I was procrastinating to cause me more stress and avoidance doesn't erase anxiety-it just delays it. I truly desire to reach my full potential; I just internally struggle with being a perfectionist, excessive self-doubt, self-depreciation, procrastination, and lack of persistence.

Through my previous years of research and trying to understand procrastination I have found many useful techniques to apply to myself. Once I developed my awareness that I need to change, I set goals. However, the goals I set for myself were unrealistic; they weren’t reasonable, concrete or manageable. There are effective strategies to overcome anxiety and procrastination by using methods drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy, I can learn skills to decrease my avoidance and manage my anxiety. Too often, my goals are expressed as distant, such as "I want to succeed at...

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