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Seizures Essay

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There is an area in the brain where abnormal firing associated with seizures begins. Called the trigger area. From the trigger area, abnormal firing spreads to other areas of the brain compromising the function of the affected area. During a seizure, certain cells (a seizure focus) begin to fire rapidly. In fact, nerve cells in the brain fire electrical impulses at a rate of up to four times higher than normal during a seizure. This abnormal firing is spread this to other neighboring cells. In the brain of an epileptic, there is not enough inhibitory neurotransmitters to stop the spread of the abnormal firing .In the 1800s, it was noted by Jackson that epileptic seizures begin in isolated parts of the body such as the thumb and from there spread to neighboring regions perhaps the arm and then to the rest of the body. He hypothesized that there were areas in cerebral cortex that controlled isolated movements and that the areas that were adjacent in the brain were anatomically adjacent as well. Therefore, a seizure began in one area and spread to the rest of the cortex. His hypothesis was later substantiated by Fritsch and Hittig's excitation experiments on motor cortex or area 4. It is a band of neural tissue on the cerebral cortex lying on precentral fissure. The body's movements are mapped out on this band giving rise to the spreading fashion that Jackson described during seizures.
Hypothesis 2- There is a stimulus either external or internal which excites the trigger area. I will call this stimulus the trigger. The trigger can be very specific. The normal brain is capable of seizing in response to a variety of stimuli. The triggers for seizures may be divided into two categories, extracranial and intracranial. Extracranial triggers are those that arise outside of the nervous system. Intracranial triggers arise within the nervous system, such as brain tumors. An example of an extracranial trigger is that of a strobe light on a photosensitive epileptic. Extensive...

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