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Secrets of the Brain Essay

  • Submitted by: annatrap
  • on February 26, 2014
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The Secrets of the Brain PBS
Reasoning, making decisions and our personality are all controlled by our emotions. Our thinking and how we think is high jacked by our feelings. Deep inside our brains there is an unconscious underworld that controls our moods, feelings, understanding and judgment. The amygdala is the physical part of the brain where our emotions come from. Watching this video significantly helped me understand the things that go on in our brains that affect our lives tremendously.
A man named Marvin suffered from a stroke that damaged the left side of his brain and completely destroyed the part his brain that controlled ability to feel any emotion. Hundreds of millions of cells were damaged in the amygdala, which caused Marvin to longer be the man he once was. I learned from this video that all emotions serve an important purpose and without the ability to fell emotions it is very difficult to make decisions due to the lack of remembering of feeling and past emotions.
Johnny Cortez, on the other hand, has the opposite problem that Marvin has.   Johnny was involved in a car accident at a red light which cause him to have severe PTDS which is an over active amygdala. The amygdala cares a lot about threat and fear.   The doctors did many tests on Johnny, such as a replay event. They reminded Johnny of all that happened and observed Johnny’s physical reactions.
Any emotion can spin out of control at any point in our life. A women named Lauren suffered from depression for ten years starting and age 14. Depression is a common disease that can completely alter the way a person thinks and acts. Scientists are still unsure what goes on in the brain to cause depression.   The disease can also run in a person’s family and someone can inherit the trait. There are many drugs and that can help with the brain disorder. The serious effect of depression was made very clear to after watching this video.
Emotions are the base of our thought process and how or why...

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