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Sdfjgkjdh Essay

  • Submitted by: holaaaa
  • on August 28, 2013
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Depth Study A: Germany 1918-45

Question A
    (i) After studying source A we can tell that German’s were lost. They didn’t understand what was going on ¨I don’t understand what is happening any more¨.   They were hopeless, depressed and wanted to find a sense of security, which they only found by voting for extremist parties at that moment. They did realize though that they needed to spend their money as fast as they could, and pay everything they had to pay right that moment, because from one moment to the other they’d have to pay 20 times more than what they were paying at the moment for the same thing, being either food or gas or any basic need ¨Billion mark notes were passed on quickly because tomorrow one would no longer pay in notes but in bundles of notes¨.   Poor people couldn’t even afford food and basic needs with hyperinflation, middle class people became poor and the only ones that didn’t find themselves as affected as the lower classes was the upper class who didn’t even have their wealth invested in that same currency, though they still did suffer from hyperinflation.
    (ii) After studying source B we can say that it clearly states that the Weimar government was to blame for hyperinflation. People clearly believed hyperinflation had been the Weimar governments fault ¨Many middle class Germans never forgave the Republic for the harm they believed it had done to them¨ as, if it hadn’t been for the passive aggressive campaign they had started all over the Rhur, hyperinflation would’ve never happened. They also blamed the Weimar government as they had been the ones in power during 1923 and had accepted the reparations ¨They blamed the reparations on the Weimar Republic, which had accepted reparations and was the government in power during the chaos of 1923¨.
On the other hand though, there’s a small part of the text that still insinuates that hyperinflation wasn’t all the Weimar government’s fault ¨The causes of hyperinflation were complicated but...

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  • Submitted by: holaaaa
  • on August 28, 2013
  • Category: History
  • Length: 2,423 words
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