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Scope Creep Essay

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How can one effectively deal with scope creeping during a software project lifecycle?


PP Letswalo (29382557)

PM Makofane (29547050)

Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the module

Project Management

And for the degree

Hons BCom (Informatics)

In the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences

Lecturer:   Prof   Strydom and Leonard 07 June 2013

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 4
2. Types of Scope creep 4
3. When does scope creep usually occur 5
4. Importance of having a scope management plan 5
5. Scope management plan 7
6. Conclusion: Avoid Scope Creep 8
Bibliography 10

Abstract: Projects are a temporary endeavour and they have both a beginning and an end, projects are achieved through a developmental approach and in information systems the development of information systems is seen as a life cycle, which means that it is created, then it goes through testing, then it is implemented and it goes through a period of enhancements and it will eventually be replaced and the process starts all over again.   When however, through the evolution of a project, the direction of that particular project changes whereby the project goes beyond the initial parameters this change is known as scope creep. This assignment will look at scope creep, the effects it has on project completion and how it can be managed.

1. Introduction

According to Larson & Gray (2011, p. 105) project scope management is defined as the processes mandatory to do in order to guarantee that the project includes all work required in order to complete the project successfully, however the important aspect of it is ensuring that the jobs done to complete the project are only the required ones. Project scope management includes requirements gathering, developing a scope statement, generating the WBS which is the work breakdown structure, verifying what has been collected and documented and then controlling the...

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