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Scmp 2 Essay

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  • on June 27, 2014
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Unit SCMP 2
The factors that influence the well-being of children and young people are the following :
• Attachment – children to form strong relationships with their parents for their emotional well-being which plays an important part in a child’s development.  
• Relationships – Good relationships influence body language, facial expressions and ways in which children listen and talk to others.
• Emotional security – builds children’s confidence.
• Health – this is paramount for a child to develop in all areas, they say ‘a healthy child is a happy child’.
• Self-esteem – giving lots of praise and encouragement.
• Diet – what children eat and drink will affect their health and development therefore children need a good diet including fresh fruit and vegetables.
• Exercise – This promotes a child’s physical development which is also linked to children’s need for stimulation.   Having fresh air helps children to sleep and eat better.
• Rest and sleep – Sleep is essential for geed health and development.  
• Prompt medical/dental attention when needed – if not then it may affect the child’s development and may also be seen as child neglect.
• Preventive health programmes - Preventive health care is medical attention that focuses on keeping children healthy.   It involves monitoring a child’s growth and development on a regular and scheduled basis as well as supplying recommended vaccinations at the appropriate ages.
All these areas are related to the well-being of a child and it incorporates the holistic and dynamic view of child development.   The well-being is the different aspects of a child’s life, competencies and experiences that are needed to promote their health and happiness in the future.   It encompass the developmentally appropriate tasks and milestones throughout their life and these influence their life and happiness, which in turn will pave the way for future health and success which is known as ‘well-becoming’.
It is important that...

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