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Scientific Animal Testing Essay

  • Submitted by: tderosa27
  • on February 26, 2014
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Taylor DeRosa
Professor Pettis
COMP 1503, CRN 855
15 November 2013
Scientific Animal Testing
There are many questions on the topic of animal testing; is the use of animal research justified? should animal experimentation be allowed? should these animals be liberated? A logical person would say that the benefits do in fact justify the research. If there was not animal testing, all products would be based on theory. People would not be okay with using products that may be poisonous, damage eyes, cause birth defects, or be cancerous. The animals used in testing are not on the endangered species list, and many of the animals that are used are killed each year by mouse traps, exterminators, or animal control. Animal testing brings in great benefits such as finding effective drugs to fight disease, making products safe, and improving surgical problems.
Animal testing is more than justified- it is the reason we have so many advancements in modern medicine. When a new drug is being developed, it must be tested extensively before being used on humans. The further detached these tests are from humans, the less reliable they are. For example, if a lab is creating a new drug to cure diabetes, they first have to justify why this drug will be effective in treating diabetes. Sadly, living systems are very hard to predict. A drug that may look great on paper might be lethal when used on a living subject (“Animal Testing-The Facts”). The next step is usually cell culture, the drug is tested in cells and grown in a petri dish. It is a pretty accurate test of how long the drug will work, however it’s not perfect. The cells in the petri dish react differently than they do in the body. That’s why after testing in culture, new drugs have to be tested on animals. There have been plenty of drugs that have worked great in cell culture, but turned out to have terrible side effects when they were used on animals. After successful animal tests, a drug will go on to a few trials with...

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