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Science Makes Me Cry Essay

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Determine the Calorimeter Constant
a. Obtain two Styrofoam cups and lid to serve as a calorimeter. Nest one cupinside the other to construct the calorimeter.

b. Add 45-50 grams of tap water to serve as the cool water. Record the exactmass of cool water to three decimals (0.001g).

c. Obtain a magnetic stir bar and place it into the calorimeter. Secure thetemperature probe to a ring stand with a utility clamp and insert throughthe hole in the calorimeter lid. Position the probe so that the tip isapproximately 1 cm from the bottom of the calorimeter.

d. Add about 60 mL of water to a clean, dry 150-mL or 250-mL beaker. Heatthe water and the beaker in a microwave for at least two minutes. Measurethe temperature of the water with a thermometer to ensure the water is 45-
60ºC above room temperature (room temperature = 21°C). This will be thehot water.
Handle the hot water with caution. Use a towel if necessary.

e.Measure the cool and hot water to one decimal place (0.0°C). Record inlab report.

f.Pour exactly 50.0 mL of the hot water into a graduated cylinder.Determine the mass of the hot water, assuming the density is 1.00 g/L.Record the mass to three significant figures (0.001g).
g.Press Start on the MeasureNet workstation to begin recording thethermogram. Turn on the power to the magnetic stirrer to a low to mediumspeed. Make sure the stir bar does not come into contact with thetemperature probe or calorimeter walls.

h. After 5-10 seconds, raise the calorimeter lid, and quickly but carefully pour the hot water into the calorimeter. Immediately replace the lid.
i.When the temperature has risen and become stable at the finaltemperature, press Stop.
  j.PressFile Options
. Press
to save the thermogram. Enter a 3 digit codewhen prompted. Record the file number.k.

to clear the thermogram.l.

Repeat steps a-k to record a second trial.m.

From the tab delimited files saved and emailed to partners, create plots of...

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