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Science How It Works Essay

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Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur was born on 27 December 1822 .He was able to demonstrate that organisms such as bacteria were responsible for souring wine and beer, and that the bacteria could be removed by boiling and then cooling the liquid. This process is now called pasteurisation.
He is important for three reasons:
  * Pasteur showed that airborne microbes were the cause of disease
  * Air contained living organisms that these microbes can produce putrefaction that these microbes could be killed by the heating of the liquid they were in That these microbes were not uniformly distributed in the air.
  * Pasteur had established that the disease was caused by a living organism and said that microbes could also affect humans as well as beer and silk worms.

Joseph Lister
Joseph introduced antiseptic surgery. Infectious wounds and surgical incisions in patients began being disinfected with chemical antiseptics.
  * He argued that if a doctor went from one patient to another after doing surgery, that doctor would pass on to the next visited patient a potentially life threatening disease.
  * it was microbes carried in the air that caused diseases to be spread in wards
Alexandra Fleming
In 1928, Fleming was working on the staphylococci bacteria; he noticed a mould had grown on one of his cultures. Fleming thought that the mould could be making something that was capable of destroying the bacteria. The mould was later identified as penicillin.

Problems associated with antibiotics:
Frequent and inappropriate use of antibiotics can cause bacteria or other microbes to resist the effects of antibiotic treatment. This is called bacterial resistance or antibiotic resistance. Treating these resistant bacteria requires higher doses of medicine or stronger antibiotics. Because of antibiotic overuse, certain bacteria have become resistant to some of the most powerful antibiotics available today.
Resistant bacteria:
Antibiotic resistant bacteria are...

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