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School Uniforms Essay

  • Submitted by: Toehler1
  • on June 23, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Teresa Oehler
Amanda Rau
Eng-111-402 FA-13

                                                              School uniforms for everyone

Some parents feel positive about all American schools going to uniforms for their clothing apparel instead of the designer jeans and named brand clothing that some children cannot afford. Uniforms reduce school violence/bulling, individuality, and the costs.
A study was done on a few mothers about their opinion on uniforms. The first mother is totally for school uniforms as they keep children dressed the same and stop all of the nonsense with kids wearing designer gear. “If kids are dressed the same, then they are less likely to be bullied." (McDermott) Uniforms also reduce the problem of gang affiliation. Gangs use colors to represent their groups. Without this extra identifier, students should be able to more focus on their school work than any potential gang activity. (Anonymous) Wearing uniforms would help lower violence because nobody would be singled out for what they are wearing. However, if a family is poor and a child can’t dress in name brand clothes he/she may be picked on.   By wearing uniforms it would help in stopping any child from being singled out as a victim of bullying or gang activities.   All would be dressed the same and same color. More studies were done to prove a percent reduction. A case study performed in. California showed that by going to a uniform policy greatly reduced violence and other issues in the school. Listed below are the results in percent form.
Long Beach Uniform Statistics Data
Overall, the crime rate dropped by 91 %
School suspensions dropped by 90 %
Incidents of vandalism went down 69 %
Assaults in grades K-8 decreased by 85 %
Norfolk, VA implemented uniforms in 1995 and reported the following results
Long Beach Uniform Statistics Data
Leaving class without permission dropped by 47 %
Throwing objects dropped by 68 %
Fighting dropped by 38 % (Anonymous)
It is...

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