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Schizophrenia Essay

  • Submitted by: Dunny32
  • on March 26, 2014
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“He told Mom and Dad that he must leave this world, go away with the aliens to another planet, and return some day to save the world.   Mom and Dad sadly realized that life would never be the same.” (Hanson 11).   This is a paragraph from a book written about a young man who suffered from schizophrenia.   Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder in which patients may seem emotionally unstable or detached from reality.   Schizophrenia is also widely known for the patient hearing voices or seeing things that aren’t there.   Schizophrenia can be caused through a variety of ways and can also range in seriousness in a variety of ways. Although a schizophrenic person can be harmful to themselves they can also be a harm to everyone that they might come into contact with.
Schizophrenia is a very broad psychological disorder and varies greatly between patients.   The most common symptom of schizophrenia is that it greatly affects the patient’s personality.   In more severe cases schizophrenia can be characterized as hearing voice in their heads that no one else can hear, while in other patients it means a split between their thinking and their emotion.   On the other hand, a schizophrenia patient might think that a person might be trying to manipulate them or they might even think a person is trying to kill them!   In the worst cases, a patient can experience all of these symptoms.   It also varies patient to patient in that it can happen only once a year to one patient, while the other patient it can occur twice a week.   In the
very worst cases a subject can be a great harm to others around him or her as well as a deadly threat to themselves.
There is no one definite cause of schizophrenia.   This mental illness can be brought on by a variety of ways and experiences.   One of the biggest causes is through traumatic experiences such as a death in the family or loosing a job.   The chance of developing schizophrenia can be increased even before the patient is born....

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