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Sc300 Unit 4 Assignment Essay

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Unit 4 Project
Toni Kissick
SC300-01 Big Ideas in Science
Kaplan University
June 8, 2014

Unit 4 Project:   Energy
What is energy?   Energy has many faces for it is one of the most fundamental, indispensable, rudimentary, vital and integral parts of the universe.   Energy is connected to everything we do in one way or another.   Without energy we could no longer watch television, play games on X-Box, surf the internet, post pictures on Facebook or Instagram, or call our family or friends.   Life without energy would not be much of a life.   With that said, the purpose of this paper is to briefly define energy and explore its uses, the advantages and disadvantages of the different energy sources and ways to reduce the energy demand through conservation.   The first discussion will answer the question; what is energy?
What is energy?   “Energy is the ability to do work” (Forms of Energy Basics, n.d.).   “There are basically two types of energy; potential (stored) energy and kinetic (working) energy” (Forms of Energy Basics, n.d.).   Chemical, gravitational, mechanical and nuclear are all forms of stored energy or also known as potential energy (Forms of Energy Basics, n.d.).   Electrical, heat, light, motion and sound are all forms of working energy; also known as kinetic energy (Forms of Energy Basics, n.d.).   The source of the energy is categorized as either a “renewable or nonrenewable” energy source.   Renewable energy sources are energy sources that can be easily replenished whereas nonrenewable energy sources are sources we are using and we cannot recreate (Energy Basics, n.d.). Energy that is created directly from the resource is called a primary energy source and secondary sources are created from primary sources (Energy Sources, 2014).  
Energy Self-Assessment
My day starts at 6:30 am on most mornings when I am working.   The alarm sounds off at 6:15 am; I shut it off and lay there for the next 15 minutes wishing I did not have to get up.   I get up and...

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