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Satire Essay

  • Submitted by: brandoncorotis
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: English
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February 4, 2014

Children’s Hospital
12345 Prego Lane
California, CA 36902

Dear Children's Hospital:

Definition of Abortion: The easiest way to fix ones mistakes. If one is going to mess around and accidentally get knocked up, why should they be responsible for the outcome? Why not just murder the child. Around the world this is happening to often, the slaughtering of the innocent unborn. What did they do to deserve this? Nothing really, its just that the mother and father are so lazy that instead of seeing there child become successful they would rather see them butchered. Abortion corrupts the meaning of the responsibility, and lets people believe there is no consequences. This will NOT be tolerated.

To avoid producing anymore abandon children in this world, I know what we can do. Instead of killing the child's chances at life before they’re even born, why not send the kids to Africa to form Military Camps. The kids will train until they're adults, to which then they can join the real military, and succeed at something! This would be the perfect solution for   Abortion because instead of killing off the kids, you can give the children a chance at something they would never have had. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “wait, I don't want my children out there living, thinking that their parents abandoned them, the guilt would haunt me forever!” Well, now thankfully there is something; a request form that allows you to chose what profession you would like your kid to have as a career. Instead of the guilt inside you saying “you did nothing for your child” will now be gone, You will feel relieved that you paved the path for your child's success. There will be clear minded adults and successful people forever.

I highly recommend this as a solution to Abortion, because it would give our countries military great leadership by those who have trained there whole lives. We would have a clear headed adults that have nothing bring them down in their...

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