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Sat Essay

  • Submitted by: Avani0716
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 539 words

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There are so many types of things that we still misunderstand and misconception about it, and those misconceptions may lead us to the wrong way of believing about the individual thing. For the topic, the idea that men are not suppose to wear pink or purple shirt, or else they will be consider as a gay. This type of perception that we use to create the thought that pink and purple color are for girls because these two colors are representing peace and calm. In the ancient time, people did not notice about these two color to be a sign of being gay for men but then now people start to worry about the gay color, especially for parents that see their children wearing those color.
Basically, most of the people think that pink and purple colors are the sign for guys that being gay. However, I believe that there are so many reasons people can think of and change their own opinion about these colors. One of the reason I can think of is the colors are just things that make our life colorful, it does not mean that you will be as like your color tone represent. For example: Some people believe that wearing red is represent anger and black is represent depress or sad. All the things I mean are that colors aren’t really represent all the things of what people are talking about, whether good or bad, it still not a fact that we are like what people say.
Another, significant factor in colors are that there are no evidence or prove that every men that wear pink and purple will perfectly become gay. According to most of the women, that I communicate with, they think men wearing pink is some kind attractive more than wearing black color or red color because the pink color tone shows how peaceful is the men are. So, maybe it’s still need to depend on people perspective, how people look at the colors and what are things do they believe in those colors represent of. For some men that cannot handle the pressure from other people, they won’t consider to wear these colors anymore...

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