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Sarah Brynes Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Many people consider Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes to be one of the most controversial books   taught in public school today. This book has been banned and challenged for many reasons. It is the Third most challenged book in America. Many of the non- supports are parents because the book discusses issues that they don’t want their child to know   or learn about. In my opinion I think this is an important work of fiction and should be taught in school because the book teaches accountability, responsibility, and the difference between a loyal and good friend.

Accountability is taught all throughout the novel. In fact, accountability was one of the rules that Ms.Lemry enforced in her C.A.T. Class. She encouraged everyone to be accountable for everything they said. An example of when accountability was put to action was when Mark Brittain attempted to commit suicide and the blame was put on Steve Ellerby and Eric Calhoune. He later on apologized and took the blame for all he has done. As a reader of the book I learned to not say or do anything that I know won't be able to back up. I think parents and non supports should take in consideration that the novel actually teaches life lessons.
Taking responsibility for your action is one of the things that this novel teaches. The characters in the book each had their own responsibility to take care of. For example, Ms. Lemry had the responsibility to take Sarah to Reno and help her find her mother and try to convince her to come back with them. Even though Sarahs mother didn't come back with them , she still did what she could to help. There are some positive sides to the book, if you look past the issues and violence.

I was taught after reading this novel is that it is better to be a good friend then a loyal one. The difference between a loyal and a good friend is that a loyal friend will with hold a secret regarding the fact the secret might be life threatening or be harmful to that person. A good friend will do...

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