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Samurai's Garden Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Mr. Roe
8 March 2013

Third Quarter Fiction Book Report

Title of Book: The Samurai's Garden
Author: Gail Tsukiyama
Original Copyright Date: 1994
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

The main characters in this book include Matsu, Stephen, and Sachi.
Matsu lives at Stephen’s grandfather’s beach house in Tarumi, Japan. He is the servant there and has been working there since he was little boy.   He is very quiet and keeps to himself most of the time. According to Sachi, “With Matsu, everything is in what he does not say.” (59) Matsu is in love with Sachi, therefore wont move anywhere away from Tarumi. His family doesn’t know of Sachi so are confused by his movement to stay. He has a garden in his backyard that is like a child. He cares for it every day and really only is himself when he’s outside. Matsu and Stephen don’t talk much at the beginning, but by the end they share a secret language.
Stephen is very different from Matsu. He talks a great deal and makes friends when he’s least expecting to. He is very sick at the beginning of the novel, and is sent to Tarumi to get better. There he makes many friends, and is a hero among others. He rarely gets upset except for a few times when he snapped at Matsu and once at Sachi. Stephen learns to grow throughout this book with finding himself, but also who is family is. He is a kind-hearted man who really wants to learn the back story to Matsu’s entire life.
Sachi is a woman that has been cursed with lepers disease. When she was younger she was beautiful and everyone knew it including her. When she grows up dealing with the disease, she learns to find the beauty inside herself with the help of Matsu and Stephen who becomes a great friend to her. She learns to love Matsu as he teaches her to love herself, and she calms herself by raking the rocks in her garden to make waved designs.
Two significant minor characters include Keiko and Stephen’s dad.
Keiko is a girl that lives in the village of Tarumi....

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