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Safety Critical Systems Essay

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An Introduction to Safety Critical Systems

Executive Summary This paper provides an introduction to the development of software for safety critical systems. It is aimed to serve as a tutorial for developers who are new to the development of software for safety critical systems, discussing the issues involved, introducing some of the techniques available to developers, and providing an overview of how AdaTEST and Cantata can be used to assist with the development of software for safety critical systems. IPL is an independent software house founded in 1979 and based in Bath. The company provides a comprehensive range of software services and also supplies the AdaTEST and Cantata software testing and verification packages. IPL was accredited to ISO9001 in 1988, and gained TickIT accreditation in 1991. AdaTEST and Cantata have been produced to these standards.

Copyright This document is the copyright of IPL Information Processing Ltd. It may not be copied or distributed in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of IPL.
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What is a Safety Critical System?
A safety critical system is a system where human safety is dependent upon the correct operation of the system. The emphasis of this paper is on the software element of safety critical systems, which for convenience is often referred to as safety critical software. However, safety must always be considered with respect to the whole system, including software, computer hardware, other electronic and electrical hardware, mechanical hardware, and operators or users, not just the software element. Safety critical software has been traditionally associated with embedded control systems. As awareness of how systems can impact safety has developed, the scope of safety critical software has expanded into many other...

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