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Run and Jumo Essay

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2D Jump'n'Run Framework

Hello and thank you for buying this Framework! Since this is an early version, please report any bugs or feature requests in the Unity Forum Thread for this Framework! I hope you have fun and can develop the jump'n'run game of your dreams!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Page 1 – Hello-Message and Index Page 2 – Your first player! Page 4 – Animation2D/3D Script Page 5 – Player Movement Script Page 6 – Player Jumping Page 7 – Player Dead Page 8 – Player Camera Page 9 – Player Climbing Page 10 – Player Attack Page 11 – Helper Page 12 – Trigger Page 13 – AiMovement Page 14 - Attacks Page 15 – RageSpline/CheatMaster User Page 16 – Mobile Functions

Your first player!
Since you're reading this, you should already have imported the package! So let's start by adding the needed tags: Select any object (like „Main Camera“ and click on „Untagged“ and then „Add Tag“. At the top of the list, there is the word „Tag“, click on it and add, if not there, the tags „plattform“,“climbable“,“climbgotrough“,“Enemy“,“Projectile“. It should look like this

After that, in the project windows, find the prefab folder and add the 2DPlayer prefab to the scene and set his Z position to 0.Click on the 2Dplayer

in the scene and look for the „Player Camera“ script in the object inspector. Now assign the Main Camera of the scene to the „camera_pointer“, like this: Now, click on the Main Camera in your scene. You have to decide if you want a 2D or 2.5D look. For 2D, set the „Projection“ setting to „Orthographic“ and for 2.5D „Perspective“. 2D


After that, go to Edit → Project Settings → Input and edit the buttons there! Note: If you're using 2D you have to set the size of the orthographic view. Moving on the Z axis will do nothing!

You should now be ready to test your level!

The Animation2D script is your system for all your character animations. To add a new animation, resize the „Animations“ array by +1 and set the variables: Name – The name...

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