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Room 101 Essay

  • Submitted by: badmanpanda
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Even though I am still under age (which I don't mind!) alcohol is something I despise the most. Whenever I see a bottle of alcohol I want to smash it against the floor, and when I see a drunk person I feel disgusted and lose faith in humanity. Why? Well it might have something to do with my childhood (my father is an alcoholic) but that surely is not the only reason.
Have you ever seen people being smashed, wasted or, as the youth calls it, ‘shit faced’ walking down the street totally drunk and half unconscious? Well I have! Many, many times! Too many to remember. It is no surprise to see someone vomiting beside a lamppost or shouting and singing in the middle of the road. Such a pathetic sight.
Please, don’t get me wrong.   It’s not that I’m judgmental about people enjoying a glass of wine now and then I also understand that alcohol is a social lubricant and it helps people to express themselves. But to imbibe so much alcohol to end up I an emergency room?! This is when everything becomes more serious. If you end up in an emergency room it means you have an alcoholic poisoning. Alcoholic poisoning is a condition which occurs after consumption of a toxic amount of alcohol over a short period of time. When consuming an alcoholic drink liver has to filter the alcohol, a toxin, from their blood. However, it can only process a limited amount approximately one unit of alcohol per hour. You become extremely confused, unresponsive, disorientated, have shallow breathing and can pass out or even fall into coma. This condition is life-threatening and requires an urgent medical treatment.
But this is not the only dangerous factor of drinking alcohol. Since, as I said before, you are disorientated and very confused in increases your chances of being: raped, run over by a car, kidnapped, fall into depression especially if you are drinking when you sad or depressed, more stressed out and can be a reason for memory loss.
Not to mention all the nasty and unwanted attention you...

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