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Rookie Officers Essay

  • Submitted by: Jessica36
  • on June 25, 2014
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 (The different duties officers respond to that result in constant stressful situations) ex. Rookies are constantly stressed out because they are trying to please everyone, learn the job. Etc.

Rookie officers are new at the game and the duties that they have to follow are stressful. Rookie officers are surrounded by senior officers who have worked the field for many years. It can be stressful, intimidating and confusing, but don’t let being a rookie stand in the way of success. As a Rookie, you want to fit in and perform your duties to the fullest.
The types of stressful situations a Rookie may encounter that would be that they’re a constant target to criminals, which makes this profession very stressful. Every traffic stop, domestic violence call, burglary etc. Every call an officer gets is stressful because they don’t know what to expect at the other end of that call.
As a rookie or senior LEO your main duties is to protect and serve. That is a stressful duty to uphold.   Listed are the basic duties and responsibly
  * Responds to calls for police service
  * Conducts preliminary & follow-up criminal and traffic investigations
  * Conducts interviews
  * Prepares written reports and field notes of investigations and patrol activities
  * Arrest and processes criminals
  * Testifies in court
  * Emergency duties required during adverse weather conditions
  * Ability to exercise judgment in determining when to use force and to what degree
  * Operate a law enforcement vehicle under emergency conditions day or night
  * Comprehending legal documents including citations, affidavits and warrants but not limited to.
  * Commanding emergency personnel at accident emergencies and disasters

As a Rookie the duties and responsibility that they have to uphold as a law enforcement officer are intimidating and stressful to a new rookie.

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