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Role of the Teacher in Clt Essay

  • Submitted by: maanvyas
  • on March 2, 2014
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The teacher in the Communicative Language Teaching approach has two main roles:
    • To facilitate the communication process between all the students in a classroom, and between these students and various activities and texts
    • To act as an independent participant within the learning-teaching group
Both roles are closely related to each other. What I realized from the reading is that the teacher acts as an organizer of resources, and is also a resource in class. She also acts as a guide in all the classroom activities and procedures. The teacher also acts as a researcher contributing with appropriate knowledge and abilities.
The teacher is also responsible for determining and answering when learners have language needs. It could be done by seeing what students’ learning styles are, what their goals are, talking to students about these issues. On the basis of such needs assessments, teachers are expected to plan group and individual instruction that responds to the learners' needs.
The teacher is also expected to be a counselor, where the teacher needs to exemplify an effective communicator searching to maximize the interaction of the speaker’s intention and the hearer’s interpretation, using paraphrases, confirmations and feedback.
Teachers need to acquire less teacher-centered classroom management skills. The teacher is responsible for organizing the classroom as a place where communication and communicative activities take place. During an activity the teacher must monitor, encourage, and suppress the need to supply gaps in lexis, grammar, and strategy but should take into considerations said gaps for later commentary and communicative practice. Once group activities have finished, the teacher gives feedback on the task that has just been completed, pointing out alternatives and extensions and assisting groups in self-correction discussion. The teacher should mostly focus on fluency and comprehensibility.

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