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Role of the Constitution Essay

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Role of the Constitution

Role of the United States Constitution
Our Constitution is called the law of the land (Cheeseman, 2007). Our governing bodies are designed to enact, enforce, and interpret the laws which are set forth by our Constitution. As a citizen of the United States one is bound by these laws and must obey. The first amendment Freedom of speech gives business the right to advertise, and market goods and services within the limits of the constitution. Those who choose to push the limits of the law pay the price.
The role of the Constitution as it pertains to business is to regulate individuals, businesses, and other organizations that function within the United States (Chessman, 2007). United States law is based mostly on English common law and is made up of three branches of government. First, legislative branch has the power to enact the law. Second, executive branch has the power to enforce the law. Lastly, the judicial branch has the power to interpret and determine the validity of the law through the court system. These branches that make up the federal government give businesses and individuals the right to our most honored amendment freedom of speech (Chessman, 2007).
The Constitution is designed to evolve and is subject to include exception to each individual amendment. For example, Freedom of speech may include full protection, limited protection, and no protection at all depending on content.   The commercial industry business uses various messages to promote their business. According to the CSR report for congress dated 2008 The Constitution affords a lesser protection to commercial speech than to other constitutionally guaranteed expression. The advertisement may be banned if content is false or misleading or if merchandise is deemed illegal. If content does not fit any of these categories, the government may regulate it more than it may regulate fully protected speech (CSR report,...

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