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Role of a Manager Within the Functional Areas of Business Essay

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Role of a Manager within the Functional Areas of Business


Carlton Robinson
      According to the University of Phoenix MBA Overview Module (n.d.), there are 11 functional areas of business that managers play an important role.   However, for the purposes of this paper, we will focus on in my opinion the four major functional areas of a business (management, human resource, finance and marketing) that managers play a key role, regardless of the company size.   Each line of business have specific duties and responsibilities, however, they all come together to work for the success of the company.
      Management is the practice of coordinating and overseeing the work of others so that organizational goals can be accomplished. Managers ensure business success through efficiency and the effective use of employees, the business's most important resource (University of Phoenix, n.d.).   Managers are the first line of defense to interpret the culture and atmosphere management wants to present to the business as a whole. In addition, they must provide the tools and resources to employees for the company to accomplish the goal’s management has implemented.   If the goals are not being performed employees have to work with management to address the changes and make corrective actions to maintain positive stability in the business environment.
      Human Resource Managers use Human Resource management throughout the employee life cycle, including hiring, training, proper compensation for work, and taking disciplinary actions to remediate, if necessary   (University of Phoenix, n.d.).   Managers also use human resource to address educational and health benefits, complaints about other co-workers and immediate supervisors.   One of Human Resource most important role is hiring new personnel.   Managers have the responsibility to hire qualified candidates for positions available in the company.   According to Dobre (2012) “in order to...

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