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Role Models Essay

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What characteristics do you believe a positive role model in the workplace should demonstrate?
I believe that a positive role model should demonstrate the 10 character tics as discussed in the workbook Cox (2002).
-Uncompromising integrity
-High energy
-Good at working priorities
-A committed and dedicated hard worker
-Unorthodox and creative
-Goal orientation
-Inspired and contagious enthusiasm
-Staying level headed
-A desire to help others grow and succeed  
Describe a person you have looked up to as a positive role model. What qualities in them did you admire? What made them a suitable role model? What did you learn from them?
A positive role model for me was when I was working as a Sales Executive, I looked up to my Division Manager. The qualities I admired were that he was committed, he had been working in the company for 15 years, and showed that he was hard working, but also confident that he knew his job and was always welcoming to learning more. He was always willing to help and listen to any problems I may have had and go through them with me. He would always pick up on when I was to stressed or worried and instead of waiting for me to come to him, he would   make time to ask me what was work, showing concern for his team and respect for those that worked with him.
I learnt a lot working with him, he taught me how to priorities my work and time. How to be professional in many different situations, how to keep my head and not stress, as that doesn't help the situation or get the job done.
Can a person be a positive workplace role model if they are poorly organised and do not operate effectively?
A person with poor organisation and not operating effectively wouldn't make for a positive role model. Their tasks would either not be completed or completed at an unsatisfactory standard. This would make for either others making the same mistakes, not realising that these standards are not correct or others having to do more work or...

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