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Rodin Visual Description Essay

  • Submitted by: jsanche40
  • on March 1, 2014
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Auguste Rodin; Cupid and Psyche 10.63.1

This sculpture depicts a nude man with wings being held by a woman who is also naked. The medium used to construct Cupid and Psyche is marble. The figures in this sculpture are very smooth and polished. The winged man in the sculpture appears to be weak as he towers helplessly over the woman, while holding on to an object that protrudes out of the base. Both the base and the object which stands erect from it, looks worn as they possess tiny rough markings. The modeling of this entire piece is white.

The form of this representational piece is placed to the left of the assemblage. Cupid, the male figure with wings is placed to the right of the woman. His head lays on hers gently in a downward position. His eyes are closed and his curly hair falls down to his forehead. His right hand is thrown over his head running from his jaw to the crown of his head. His palm is open facing outwards and seems to be very relaxed due to the way his fingers are positioned. His mouth is slightly opened. Cupid’s left hand is almost completely straight. It stretches perpendicular to his body as he clenches the object protruding from the base. No muscle structure can be seen in his arms. The wings are contrived directly between the shoulder blades. They are spread open and project in an upward direction.   There are two visible layers of wing formation on either side. Detailed markings can be seen adding depth to the wings. Specific areas under the wings are carved out creating hollow openings. His spine is clearly highlighted. At his sides, several pockets are visible adding character to his torso. His right leg is positioned slightly in front of the left. His legs look lifeless with no muscle definition.

The woman in this three dimensional piece is placed to the right of the man. There, she lays upright with her left hand thrown over his back, just below his wings. Her hand wraps itself around him in a tension free...

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