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Rocking Horse Winner And Garden Party Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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"A Rose for emily": Discussion Questions
#1. Who is the narrator?
      * 1st person plural: neighbors with upper status
      * reason for 1st person plural: create a mystery, creep, unsettling
      * suggest a status, prominent
      * would not get a feeling of fallen monument, if Emily was telling a story
#2. (a) Discuss the general attitude of the townspeople towards Miss Emily
      * attitude: shift and change
      * admire, paradoxically pity, respect
      * pity: going after tax, says "leave the lady alone" when did not know about Colonel's death
      * "poor Emily; when homer has no interest, death of her father
      * sympathetic but condescending -> strange mixture
      * intimidated by her when she was young
      * when unpleasant smell occurred, old people decided not to tell her and clean by themselves.
      * when she tries to by poison, druggist reluctant to sell her b/c she had no reasons
      * intimidate him to give poison
(b)Contrast the attitude of the men of Jefferson towards Miss Emily with those of the women. Why do the men feel different about her?
      * women: interested in house and her love life
      * "just send someone to clean"
      * seem to be far less intimidated, practical, down to earth, d/n see her as fallen monument
      * men w/ older generation: intimidated by her family, not her
      * calling lady, chivalry might have a big role
      * chivalry: reason why women more practical
#3. Describe Tobe. Why doesn't he tell anyone about Homer Barron's death?
      * smart enough to disappear
      * maybe intimidated by her, even more so b/c her status
      * self-preservation: might be accused of not preventing, and not reporting
#4. Discuss the meaning of the title.
      * called frequently Miss Emily during the passage, but the title Emily
      * analogy for no love, no rose
      * no romance in her life
      * more intimate way of calling her
      * sick way of showing...

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