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Robust Retention Strategy Essay

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Robust retention strategy
There are many problems that can arise in an organization that can make any given day a challenge for the not only the employer, but also the employees of the business.   Happiness is a two-way street with employment retention, and there is often a misunderstanding of who's responsibility it is to keep a happy working relationship in the workplace.   A truly solid retention strategy should begin long before a staff member joins an organization.   How a business is portrayed to the outside world can be crucial to attracting potential employees and ensuring they have a good feel about the company and what the culture of the organization will be.   Once inside, the retention strategies are up to both parties of the organization.
There is a retention challenge and turnover rate at the WorkOne offices, mainly because it is such a specific culture to adapt to.   Once a new hire gets used to the 30 plus diverse careers coaches, and the 10 plus managers, they then have to adapt working with hundreds of diverse customers.   Also, there is just so much information given in the job description that is it is almost impossible to explain all of the task responsibilities that would be asked of the applicant.   It is often difficult for the staff members to change hats and tasks on so many different occasions in one day, and this makes it difficult for retention.   For a business environment, employee engagement is an essential element to reducing staff turnover, because after all for any business to run well, it relies on the people work there.   Employees are fundamental to the workplace and if an organization wants them to remain committed to the company and respect its goals, it is only right that the organization stay committed to them (Ahmed, 2013).   WorkOne seems to have a problem with the long term appreciation of their employees, which again, contributes to employee turnover.  

Ahmed, N. (2013). Implementing a successful retention...

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