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Roaring 20's Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The Roaring Twenties which was the 1920’s was a time when the country was very prosperous and optimistic. “"Roaring Twenties" - a boisterous period characterized by rapidly changing lifestyles, financial excesses, and the fast pace of technological progress.”(“The roaring twenties”,2005) There was so much that was going on during the 1920’s so I will focus on a few subtopics. One of those topics would be the toys that were produced during this time. This was a new era of toy making where it was very successful. During this time, movies took a big role in the Americas. Movies brought a new way of entertainment to the people. Also the standards of homes upgraded, and we begin to see housing that is similar to our current architecture. Another important part of the 20’s was the production of automobiles. This gave the people an efficient and faster way to travel.
          “American toy manufacturers excelled in the production of mechanical toys. The greater part of the foreign toy competition was in the cheaper grades of play-things, with the Japanese toy-makers and Germany shipping large quantities of cheap toys for the American market.”(“The roaring twenties”,2005) Toys were a huge hit. Every kid wanted to have the best toys out there. The toys that boys were interested in this time were the toy cars and planes while girls wanted dolls and play houses. This interest for the two genders is still the same in recent times. There was also Lincoln logs which are still seen today. Teddy bears were also a huge hit during this time, and prospered in this time due to the fact that they were mass produced. A huge hit was the yo-yo. Although they were invited a couple centuries back, it was promoted and became quite popular. Although people liked all the new toys that were coming out, that didn’t stop them from going to the movies.

    Movies were not only a good source of entertainment at the time, but they were financially huge! In current times, most teens like...

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