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Rnalab Essay

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RNA Lab Report
If a codon is mutated, say from GGU to CGU, is the same amino acid specified?_______

Go to DNAi (www.dnai.org[->0]) > Code > Copying the Code.
Start with the problem, and work through players, pieces of the puzzle, and putting it together. As you watch the video clips and animations, consider the data collected by the scientists involved. If a clue provides evidence for replication or transcription/translation, place an “X” beside the clue in the table, under “Supports replication” or “Supports transcription/translation”. If the clue does neither, or is not acceptable data, place an “X” in the “Does not support replication or transcription/translation” column.
1. Select one of the observations (either clue 8 or 9) from the table: Possible Clues to Copying the Code (DNA replication and transcription/translation). This evidence was used to understand DNA replication (DNA passing information from one generation to the next). Write an explanation detailing why this clue represents solid data and is not an opinion or an inference.

2. (a) Why is it sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an observation and an inference? (b) Which of the clues included in the table is an inference? Explain why. (c) Which of the clues included in the table is an opinion? Explain why.

3. Francis Crick was the first to recognize that information flows from DNA to RNA to protein. This concept is known as the Central Dogma. At the time the Central Dogma was first stated, it was an inference based on observations. Explain why.

4. Scientists bring preconceived ideas to their work. Often these preconceptions make it difficult for them to objectively interpret their data. From the information provided in the Copying the Code module, state one example of a preconceived idea that biased scientific thinking and slowed finding the answer to how DNA is a copying mechanism for hereditary material.

Table: Possible clues to Copying the...

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