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Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Part Iii Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Part III
Coding will require upgrades to both the software and hardware systems.   A Request for Proposal (RFP) would be the first step in determining which vendors are best candidates for the project.   Once Riordan has its vendor, installing the hardware will be the next thing to get done.   Software installation and testing will be required and as long as testing is being done; this phase is to take place parallel to the system that is currently in place (Dennis, 2012).
During the alpha phase of testing new client computers installation can start training new users, and give them the chance to get familiar with the new hardware.   This while the current systems are running.   Once the analyst runs beta test, makes necessary corrections, and finalizes testing, the new software will released.   The NAS, VOIP telephones, backup power, gateways, and any remainder of the systems installation will take place until testing is complete along with the client computer installation.   In addition, during this phase there will be process documentation generated.   This will provide future insight on how the system was created, and answer to questions maintenance and analysts may have ("Software and Hardware", 2012).
Once the server is installed and completed, a compatibility test must take place.   This will determined whether or not the server is compatible with the current systems that will still be used.   One good example would be the satellite used for communication between China and the USA.   This is essential because before conducting any business, the link must be secure and stable.   Testing is never ending, and will be from beginning to end during the implementation phase.   Inspections for language errors and walkthrough of code verifications will be series of tests that will take place first.   Module test, testing of module integration, and combined modules system test and program will follow (University of Phoenix, 2013)....

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