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Right Of Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: SKOGGER24
  • on March 18, 2012
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Kyle Skog
Professor Ford
AML 2600
27 Jan. 2012
Right of Revolution
Right of Revolution, a man who was once a slave, a piece of property to be straight, becomes a scholar, an artist in fact through the writings of his life. If witnessing the brutality of Mr. Gore, or the work he has to endure at Mr. Covey’s property he survives to tell us. Frederick Douglass depicts slavery in a way that other authors I have read have fallen short. With so much description in every event in his narrative, it brings the reader to almost believe he or she is part of the story. Slavery, a very low point of our nations past is just a reminder of how brutal people could be; not only by their actions, but by the words they spoke. Many people were belittled into thinking they were nothing but property and that’s all they could ever be.
“I date the entertainment of a deep conviction that slavery would not always be able to hold me within its foul embrace.” (Douglass 409) This quote coming just before he meets Mrs. Auld, the woman who teaches him the alphabet. This quote was important to this story because Frederick is letting his reader know, I’m not going to let this hell bring me to my knees, I will fight through the pain and suffering in hope of one day finding my freedom. He later states in this quote that God had put him in this good mood and he wanted to praise and thank him for doing so. Another quote I found important was from this passage, “The motto which I adopted when I started from slavery was this-“Trust no man!” I saw in every white man an enemy, and in almost every colored man cause for distrust.”(Douglass 443) This seems to be an important quote from this text, because no matter where Frederick went, no matter whom he talked to or met, he always seemed to have a very unsettled feeling in the text. When he met Mrs. Auld he seemed very soothed by her warmth in teaching him, but in the back of his head Frederick knew of the danger of trusting her. During his stay at...

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