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Rhetorical Analysis of Beer Commercials

  • Submitted by: jakem65
  • on February 25, 2014
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Rhetorical Analysis
This essay is an examination of the rhetorical techniques employed in two beer advertisements out of magazines. As we all know beer advertisements generally target the male audience. Beer advertisements generally are very pathos heavy, applying to male emotions and their need for masculinity. Every advertisement is unique in that each one can apply to a different generation, social group, or class.   Advertisers for beer advertisements try to make the audience feel that if they drink their product then they will be like who ever is featured in their advertisements. Simple things in ads can easily lure people into buying their product.
The first Advertisement I will analyze is a Dos Equis beer ad out of Maxim magazine. I believe that this ad applies to a young to middle aged men. The man in the ad looks to be about mid fifties and he’s “the most interesting man in the world”. Which I think is telling men that even though you’re old you can still be interesting. Young men could perceive this, as I want to be like this guy when I’m old so I’m going to drink Dos Equis.
The first thing I’m going to address from this ad is the quote “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. This is saying that if you want to be interesting then you need to drink Dos Equis. All men want to be interesting and this ad does really well with the male need to be cool and interesting. There’s also the Statement below it saying, “Those who spend too much time shaving above the Adam’s apple have too much time”.
It’s sayings like this that draw in the audience with humor and even a little bit out there showing how interesting the man is.
In the ad you see three different women and all three seem to be of different ethnicities. You see an Asian woman to the right of the man, a German/French on the left of the man, and in the background you see a Russian/Slovakian woman maybe. All three women are looking at the man in somewhat of a sensual way, checking him out so to...

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