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Review of What to Ask the Person in the Mirror

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In the article, “What to Ask the Person in the Mirror”, published in the January 2007 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Robert S. Kaplan explains how every leader should continue questioning their actions and go through a self-assessment process to ensure they are continuing to be a successful leader.   Too often as many Leaders rise in the ranks they are no longer mentored or monitored by their bosses and need to ensure that they don’t create any missteps that will greatly affect the running of their business.
As you become successful in your career and begin to move up there will come a time when you no longer given feedback, criticism, or are monitored in your actions.   No matter how talented and successful you are, you will make mistakes.   You will develop bad habits.   The world will subtly change, without your even noticing, and behaviors that once worked will be rendered ineffective (Kaplan, 2007).   This is the time when is will become highly important and necessary to learn not only learn self-awareness but to also recognize when change within yourself is needed.  
The first question Kaplan suggests you look at is “What are your visions or priorities?”   Many businesses do not communicate with their employees exactly where they see the business heading and therefore the employees are not sure of what they are working towards in building up the business.   It is important for leaders to communicate the vision of the company to its employees to create a focus and understanding.   Failing to communicate your vision and priorities has direct costs to you in terms of time and business effectiveness.   It’s hard to delegate if your people do not have a good sense of the big picture; hence you end up doing more work yourself (Kaplan, 2007).  
The second area to question is time management.   Once you have settled on and communicated the company’s vision and priorities you need to make sure you are working towards attaining them.   Are there matters that can be...

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