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Review of "Of Ideas and Data"

  • Submitted by: jezzalee
  • on August 30, 2013
  • Category: English
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Of Ideas and Data
In the article “Of Ideas and Data,” Roszak talks about how having all the worlds information at lightning fast speeds is stopping us from thinking, and coming up with new ideas. He mostly talks about how we have stopped looking at information as something used to form ideas or to help make new ideas into new information, but instead as the only information we need. We as techno crazed people need to stop taking information found on the internet as a replacement for deep meaningful thought. Roszak says in couple different ways how by not thinking, and not letting our minds work fully we may “...lose the source of our greatest ideas, from scientific theory to moral concepts such as justice.” I   believe that we have already begun to lose sight of moral concepts. Take for instance a criminal trial, if a person posts on the internet that the defendant is guilty, this can become fact instead of one persons opinion. No one bothers to look at further evidence or information and form their own ideas, they now “know” the defendant is guilty and see the rest of trial with bias. He also talks about how we see things, using Rorschach inkblot tests as examples.   If given no information just an inkblot our mind can form the image into anything, however if we are shown the inkblot and told it is a carrot our minds will try to make it look like a carrot. If we are given information we will make out ideas fit the information, when it should be the other way around.   Thus we have lost the ability to think for ourselves.

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