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Review of Little Women

  • Submitted by: littlejing
  • on June 27, 2014
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Review of Little Women
During the winter vacation I read the book Little Women. Little Women was written by Alcott Louisa May. Alcott is a female writer. She is one of my favorite writers.
This story is about a big family named March. The story of March happened in Massachusetts during the American Civil War. The family has four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. They love each other and always give hand to each other. Their father Mr. March participate in the war. So they lead a poor life. But they always have the positive attitude to life. They are kind,friendly,independent and strong. They always keep hope for future and make great efforts to seek dream. Finally, they all find their own love. What's a pity, poor Beth died from disease because she help a poor family take care of sick baby.
The four girls have different character. Some people love gentle Meg. Some people like frank Jo. Some people love lively Amy and some people love shy Beth. But my favorite person in this book is Mrs. March. There is no doubt that Mrs. March is a great mother. She is very kind. She often help poor people even she isn't rich. She is very strong. While her husband was away with the Union Army, she is left alone to raise their four daughters. As we know, education in the home is very important. Mrs. March often teach her daughters how to be a good girl by tell them some story. In this book, we can see the four girls all pay attention to the improving of soul and make it perfection and strongly keep independence. In the process, the right educations from mother pay a very important role. Mrs. March in the novel set a good example for her children. This is why the girls could face on their shortcoming and correct it. This reminds me of another book in read during the winter vacation: Pride and Perjuries. In this book there is also have a mother: Mrs. Bennet. Both of them are mother but Mrs. Bennet is a self-centered woman with the attitude that what is good enough for her is good...

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