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Review of Literature, Health Promotion: Levels of Prevention

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The definition of health promotion is not just living in the absence of disease, but more so focused behaviors and activities that allow for optimal health in an individual. Optimal health is developed through one’s lifestyle. Health promotion facilitates change in lifestyle to achieve increased motivation, enhanced awareness and education that promotes positive health practices as an easy choice. “People involved in health promotion should consider the meaning of health for themselves and others. Recognizing differences in the meaning of health can clarify outcomes and expectations on health promotion and enhance the quality of health care” (Edelman, 2010) By placing emphasis on the positive aspects of great health, health promotion empowers the individual to maintain excellence in their quality of life.

Nurses have always held the responsibility as educators to the patient. Whether it is at the bedside, helping the patient through an acute health crisis, or in a public setting reaching multiple individuals at once, the nurse is promoting health through education. The nurse provides vital information with the intent to influence the patient to make better lifestyle choices that will return to or maintain health by identifying and reducing specific risk factors. “Health care providers need to be responsible for offering health promotion, preventive health services, and monitoring behaviors. Providers need to take the time to discuss behaviors that may improve the quality of life and extend years of life.” (Edelman, 2010) The responsibility for offering health promotion is at the core of nursing.

The focus of health care is shifting to prevention, which is at the heart of health promotion. This change requires the nurse to have deeper involvement in disease prevention and to become strong advocates for maintaining existing states of health. Nurses are asked to acknowledge their essential and unique role in educating the public, promoting health and...

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