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Review of Beyonce's "I Am...Yours" Concert

  • Submitted by: 55cgd55
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Review of Beyoncé’s
“I Am…Yours” Concert

On a lazy Sunday night I turn on the TV to see if there is anything on. Switching through the channels of pointless shows I see the name Beyoncé.   Quickly I change to the channel and when the clock struck 8:00pm the show began. The video was of Beyoncé doing an intimate performance at the Wynn in Las Vegas in 2009 called “I Am…Yours”. The intimate setting of this performance was compelling and personal, even to a person watching from a couch (like myself).  

The show began with an all female band playing “Hello”, one of Beyoncé’s newest songs at the time. The lights hit the audience and everyone stands up. Then she appears, as if a holy being came to the Sunset Strip. People flocked to her, only wanting to be in her presence.   Walking down the aisle steps she sings and graciously shakes hands with the audience. She draws the audience in by connecting with the crowd through her gestures. She makes her way to the stage as her band continues to play. Once she is on stage, her alter ego Sasha Fierce comes out.   You can see the passion insider her explode into the crowd, drawing out the hidden smiles from her audience members. As the show continues Beyoncé’s energy and enthusiasm never dies, as with her band. If you ever got bored with watching Beyoncé strutting her stuff on stage, there was always the band. This all female band interacted with the audience showing how much fun they were having through their dancing and singing. Each musician was very talented, and together they were one of the tightest pop bands I have heard. Though the women in the band grooved like there was not tomorrow, they never outshined Beyoncé. She commanded my attention every second, making me want to get up from the couch and dance. Non-stop Beyoncé was singing, dancing and interacting with the crowd the entire performance. All throughout the concert the audience was standing and dancing. Everyone seemed to be touched and compelled in some...

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  • Submitted by: 55cgd55
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 652 words
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