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Review for Triple-Strength Leadership

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1. Power Play
Although I think the article is extremely informative and educational and also resonated with my thoughts and understanding about the power and management, I would not recommend it to my coworkers.
First, the article tells a lot of ideas and stories, but most of them are not applicable. For example, very few people can stop drawing unnecessary fire and cooperate with their antagonists, neither do they can remove their rivals nicely by giving money as the article saying. I wish the article could give more analysis with corresponding solutions to young people, so that I can better appreciate them and apply them.
Also, reading the article is like reading a politic guidance that should not be sent to at least entrance level employees. I cannot imagine how employees would think if they receive this article sent from their supervisors. Implementing the suggestions to every corner of the company can make the environment dirty. As a result, hardly would people focus on their jobs or try to increase company’s value.
On top of this, the article’s viewpoints are obvious opposite from those of the previous articles that I read.
Again, I have learned a lot from reading the article and have a specific picture and clear understanding of these principles that used to be very vague in my mind. However, for answering your question on whether it should be spread out in the office, my answer is NO.

  2. Triple-Strength Leadership
I think the article is very much worth reading, because it clear interprets why some people got successful. Also the article offers specific example pertinent to the topic. Last but not least, the article provides readers with an analysis on the career path on which they can become to a tri-sector leader.
Actually, I think it would be an equation that a tri-sector equals a qualified and successful leader. I think government, NPG and business are main directions for a career path, if a person has a chance to experience all of them,...

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