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  • on February 26, 2014
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Matt Smith’s Farewell
Last Christmas saw the gripping finale to Matt Smith’s reign as the doctor in ‘The Time of the Doctor’. Plot lines finally came to a close in this fantastic Christmas special. In which the doctor travelled to, the conveniently named, town called Christmas to investigate a message which has drawn all of his enemies to Christmas.
The episode is written by Steven Moffatt (the head writer of Doctor Who and co-creator of BBC series Sherlock) who put together the perfect tribute to the Eleventh Doctor, by letting him bow out in style with almost a ‘greatest hits’ of Matt Smith including the weeping angels, his crazy dance, and the crack in the wall. Moffatt also chose to listen to ideas created by the shows ‘mega-fans’ to influence his finished plot. In this we found out that Smith is not the eleventh but the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor so is in his final form and unable to regenerate. We then come to realise that Christmas is on the planet Trenselor, the perceived grave of the Doctor. More so, the crack in the wall returns to transmit the message across the stars; the oldest question in the universe ‘Doctor who?’ As the crack, once thought to be a crack in time, turns out to be a message from the time-lords to return back to the universe. However the time-lords have many enemies and so their return would cause a battle that would destroy the universe and so the doctor decides to stay and defend Trenselor for centuries from the grand old enemy. The Daleks. As ever, all ends well as the doctor is once again given the power to regenerate and uses this power to defeat the Daleks and, inevitably, regenerate.
In my own opinion there is only one aspect of this entire episode for me and that is the eventual death of Matt Smith. The scene is brilliantly written in which we re-enter the Tardis to see a bowl of fish fingers and custard on the dashboard(the eleventh doctor’s first meal) but the thing that really gets everyone is the speech as he...

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