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Resilient Cultures Essay

  • Submitted by: darksnow7
  • on March 19, 2012
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Resilient Cultures Discussion Paper

In chapter 2, John E. Kicza tells us that in central Mexico, maize was grown about 7000 years ago, but peoples of east North America didn’t adopt until like 2000 years later after 1500 B.C.   My thought was, how did these people adopt maize, because they could’ve adopted it from people in southwest of America or it could be people from central Mexico.   Another thing that Kicza tells us is that sedentary imperial peoples have all developed complex religious systems and didn’t the people of the Americas believe in Gods as well?   I know there were slave trading going on between other tribes with the Europeans, so slave trading could’ve happened before the Europeans came as well amongst other tribes.   It could be possible that the people of Americas could have been influenced by other slave tribe members about religious beliefs.
      In chapter 3, as Kicza was talking about the second half of the fifteenth century in Europe, the eastern part of America had already begun building the 13 colonies and established Virginia in 1607.   So as this all was happening, not only Europe and the Ottoman Empire were dominating, but parts of America were advancing as well.   While I was thinking about this, it led me to believe what professor Zarate said was true and that history is usually taught in forms of politics.   When the Ottoman Empire controlled the eastern Mediterranean, they took away the silks, porcelains, spices, and other valuable items away from Europe.   So from knowing this, I think Christopher Columbus wasn’t only looking for a shorter route to China, he was also looking for places that can offer him things that the Mediterranean did as well because he found valuable silks and spices there.
      Why did Cortes attack the Aztecs?   I thought Cortes and Montezuma wanted to gain recognition between the two empires so Montezuma gave goods to the Spaniards.   I think Cortes got greedy and wanted to take over the Aztec empire because...

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