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Research Report On Various Issues

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We wish to express our deepest gratitude and warmest appreciation to the Board of Directors of Prime Finance & Investment Limited (PFIL), who, in all their wisdom and sagacity created a R&D department in the Prime Finance and Investment limited in 2010   to initiate research, among others, on the prevailing capital market, formulate policy in investment – identify positive or negative shifts in the traded securities on an ongoing basis, to prepare a road   map for the private equity investment, to help in due diligence in appraisal of clients, to help guide the company in its strategic business decisions, and in the process   inspired the researchers   for undertaking research work with limitations though.

We also gratefully acknowledge the help received from both the Managing Directors of Prime Finance & Investment Limited and Prime Finance Capital Management Limited (PFCML) for allowing one officer each in undertaking jobs over and above fulfilling their assigned tasks in their respective companies. All assignments during the research program would not have been fruitful without their enthusiasm. Besides, the research program makes the team realized about the value of working together as a team and is a great new experience in working environment especially for two   members of the team, working together and respecting others jobs who are not directly involved is a challenge   every minute indeed.

Last but not the least, our appreciation goes, to the rest of PFIL’s & PFCML’s personnel those helped us from time to time during the project. The whole program really brought us together to appreciate the true value of corporate friendship and respect for each other. We will look forward to such cooperation for future endeavors in this behalf.

The Research Team

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The brochure contains papers produced by the research team and is named research papers series 01 which contains about various...

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