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Research Project Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on March 25, 2014
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Riccy Martinez
Art Appreciation
Research project
The stolen Mona Lisa


          This is FBI agent Riccy Martinez reporting in this letter that the original painting of the Mona Lisa by the artist Leonardo da Vinci has been stolen from the Museum Louvre in Paris. Was stolen this August 20, 1911 by Vincenzo Perugia. Leonardo da Vinci 16th Century oil-on-poplar-wood masterpiece of a woman with a smile on her face and an amazing view as the background. This painting of the Mona Lisa is 77 cm × 53 cm (30 in × 21 in), we have been investigating about what happen to the painting and why was stolen?
        The Mona Lisa is an excellent work of art by Leonardo da Vinci. He painting a beautiful woman with sympathy on her face and smiling the views, he used oil on poplar wood to create her. He knew how to manipulate the elements and principles to create this painting, for example the focal point you would found on her smile and eyes. The colors he used make this masterpiece even greater, the light in each part of the painting. The dark color he used on her cloth, the color her skin and hair perfectly match with the whole painting. If some have seen any clue of this stolen painting please let us know.
        I believe the painting of the Mona Lisa have different meanings depending on what you’re looking for on her. The meaning that I find on her is how woman have different moods and out outer beauty. She shows sympathy, happiness, and kindness she showed by smiling at the viewer. As one of the viewers I don’t know for sure if she was always showing the same emotions. All women are beautiful from the outside and many use this beauty for their own purpose. The Mona Lisa shows that is not necessary to dress all attractive to make yourself look good. With just being a lady is enough.
        This masterpiece is so important to the FBI because one of the most famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. It also has a great...

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