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Research Paper on Clear Light of the Day by Vikhumar

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  • on June 21, 2014
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Henry James
comedy has it, “led up” to; the probable course to such a
goal, the goal of so conscious a predicament, would have
in short to be finely calculated. Where has he come from
and why has he come, what is he doing (as we Anglo-
Saxons, and we only, say, in our foredoomed clutch of
exotic aids to expression) in that galere? To answer these
questions plausibly, to answer them as under cross-examination
in the witness-box by counsel for the prosecution,
in other words satisfactorily to account for Strether
and for his “peculiar tone,” was to possess myself of the
entire fabric. At the same time the clue to its whereabouts
would lie in a certain principle of probability: he
wouldn’t have indulged in his peculiar tone without a
reason; it would take a felt predicament or a false position
to give him so ironic an accent. One hadn’t been
noting “tones” all one’s life without recognising when
one heard it the voice of the false position. The dear man
in the Paris garden was then admirably and unmistakeably
IN one—which was no small point gained; what next
accordingly concerned us was the determination of this
identity. One could only go by probabilities, but there
was the advantage that the most general of the probabilities
were virtual certainties. Possessed of our friend’s
nationality, to start with, there was a general probability
in his narrower localism; which, for that matter, one had
really but to keep under the lens for an hour to see it give
up its secrets. He would have issued, our rueful worthy,
from the very heart of New England—at the heels of which
matter of course a perfect train of secrets tumbled for me
into the light. They had to be sifted and sorted, and I
shall not reproduce the detail of that process; but
unmistakeably they were all there, and it was but a question,
auspiciously, of picking among them. What the “position”
would infallibly be, and why, on his hands, it had
turned “false”—these inductive...

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