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Research Paper

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Research Paper Final Draft |
English 112-22F |
Laci Hughes |

Future of the World
The Hunger Games is a well written story, written by Suzanne Collins. The book and movie both take place in Panem. The Capitol and twelve districts make up Panem, which was formally North America. Each year the capitol picks a boy or a girl, from twelve to eighteen, from each district to participate in the annual Hunger Games. (Plot Summary 1) All the citizens in Panem are required to watch the games in its entirety, as the twenty-four tributes are forced to eliminate each other. (Plot summary 1) The players go through a large amount of training then they are put out there to survive in the wilderness and to kill each other. This story has many characters but mainly focuses on Katniss Everdeen. This book only really talks about District 12, where most of the men are miners. Katniss Everdeen volunteers for her sister in the 74th annual Hunger Games. The story of The Hunger Games shows that government control can lead to people fighting for both their own survival and independence; This is something that many nations are turning into with their strict control.
Suzanne Collins is the author of Hunger Games Trilogy. She lives in Connecticut with her family. She first made her mark in children’s litature. She wrote New York Times best-selling Underland Chronicles. She then moved to writing things for teens and adults, which resulted in the making of the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games immediately became New York’s bestseller. Collins has also had a successful career in writing children’s television. She has worked with Nickelodeon shows including Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. Collins also wrote two other books that go along with the Hunger Games; Catching Fire which is the second book of the trilogy and Mockingjay is the last book of the trilogy. In her early years Collins was one of four children, and she was the youngest. (Biography, Early Years...

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