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Research Methodology Essay

  • Submitted by: aminaidrees2014
  • on March 26, 2014
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M Task 2: Understanding research methodology. Produce a booklet that demonstrates different research methodologies for health and social care and assess the research methodologies for ensuring validity of findings (P3, D1) |
Nicole Plummer |
Amina Idrees: 553313 |

Qualitative Research
Qualitative research gathers information that is not in numerical form, for example, open-ended questionnaires, unstructured interviews and unstructured observations. Qualitative data is descriptive data.
Qualitative research is useful for networking, gathering more information on a wider scale, however the downfall is that data collected can be dishonest and comprosmised due to individual views and bias opinions. The use of unstructured interviews allows for prompts to be made however individuals receiving the interview may feel uncomfortable to give real information.
Analysis of qualitative data is difficult and requires accurate description of participant responses, for example, sorting responses to open questions and interviews. Expert knowledge of an area is necessary to try to interpret qualitative data for example individuals suffering from mental health illnesses.
Unstructured and group interviews in which generate qualitative data through the use of open questions which allows for more information to be gathered. This allows the respondent to talk in depth and by choosing their own vocabulary allows for an insight into how they think, talk and social opinions. This helps the researcher develop a real sense of a person’s understanding of a situation. It proves to be time consuming to conduct the unstructured interview and analyse the qualitative data.
Quantitative Research
Quantitative research gathers data in numerical form which can be put into categories and be measured. This type of data can be used to construct graphs and tables.
Quantitative research is reliable, valid able to gather research quick and effective by using closed...

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