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Republic Act 7925 a Critique Paper

  • Submitted by: andiesy
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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In the Philippines, there are different businesses, industries and companies that are mainly regulated by the government to at least make the market fair for both the consumers and producers. For a market to function fairly and competitively, incentives which give people the initiative to acquire the best possible outcome and the best benefit for both the consumers and producers are implemented and handed out to the market components specifically by companies in accordance to government regulations.
 The cellular mobile telephone companies play a vital role in the society in terms of giving communication services to the Filipinos and to be able for these companies to deliver quality and fair services to the consumers, regulations are set by one of the government institutions in the Philippines. That is why in this paper I will tackle about a law regarding telecommunications which is the Republic Act No. 7925, also known as "Public Telecommunications Policy Act of the Philippines."
Republic Act no. 7925 aims to protect the consumers of this industry against misuse of a telecommunications entity's monopoly or quasi-monopolistic powers. In my own opinion, this is what our fellow countrymen need right now since we are living in the 21st century; there have been a lot of changes in the telecom industry given that technology changes in rapidly.
I believe that this law is not only beneficial to the consumers but it also gives incentives to the producers.
One of the incentives of Republic Act 7925 is that, the subscribers are given the freedom to freely choose or subscribe from a variety of CMT companies. Through this law, it has opened a very wide opportunity to consumers in terms of having different varieties of networks to choose from. It has given the consumers to justify the rates of the CMT companies on which offers the lowest cost and at the same time which caters to their personal needs.
Another incentive that subscribers can get is the assurance of the...

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