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Reproductive System Essay

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The Reproductive System


Jenna Hachey SPN

Mrs. Debbie Churchill           March 12, 2012
The Reproductive System
Most organ systems of the body function almost continuously to maintain the well-being of the individual. The reproductive system, however, looks as if to “sleep” until puberty. The primary sex organs or gonads are the testes in males and the ovaries in females. The gonads produce sex cells or gametes and secrete sex hormones. The remaining various collection of reproductive structures- ducts, glands, and external genitalia- are referred to as accessory reproductive organs. Although male and female reproductive organs are quite unique, their standard purpose is to produce offspring.
The male’s reproductive role is to generate male gametes called sperm and to deliver them to the female reproductive tract, where fertilization can take place. The mutually complementary role of the female is to produce female gametes, called ova or eggs. When their events are appropriately timed, a sperm and egg fuse to form a fertilized egg, the first cell of the new individual, from which all body cells will arise. The male and female reproductive systems are equal partners in events leading up to fertilization, but once fertilization has happened, the female uterus provides a protective environment in which the embryo develops until birth. The sex hormones- androgens in males and estrogens and progesterone in females- play vital roles in the development and function of the reproductive organs and in sexual behavior and drives. These gonadal hormones also influence the growth and development of many other organs and tissues of the body.
Both spermatogenesis and oogenesis, it’s counterpart in the female, involve meiosis, the different kind of nuclear division that, for the most part, happens only within the gonads. Recall that mitosis- the process by which most body cells divide- distributes replicated chromosomes equally between the two...

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